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Do Non-Competes Work Anymore?
Strategies for Responding to States Limiting Enforceability 
What we have learned from the pandemic is that owners and operators must be prepared for anything.  It has become clear talent (and retaining talent) is at a premium, making today’s job market more competitive than ever. 
While owners and operators may have been less concerned that a loyal employee would receive and accept an offer to move on to another opportunity in the past, that concern has universally grown in the past year. 
Our panelists will take a deep dive into how staffing companies can protect themselves and preserve their teams in the battle for staffing professional talent.

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  • Martin Borosko, Esq., 

  • Christopher Leddy, Esq. 

STAFFING INDUSTRY M&A MARKETPLACE: A Look Back at 2021 and Looking Forward in 2022

Merger & Acquisition activity in the Staffing Industry flourished in 2021 with owners and management taking advantage of a fertile market to grow their business. With PPP Loans being forgiven, Staffing Industry executives saw this as an opportunity to reinvest in their company and grow their existing business as well as expand into new niches to further expand their footprint.

This activity will certainly continue in 2022 as Staffing Industry Executives will look to deepen their resources. Our panel of Staffing Industry Merger & Acquisition veterans will have a candid look at what transpired in 2021, how many of the deals were structured, and what they think the outlook on 2022 will be.

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  • Martin Borosko, Esq., Becker LLC


  • Tom Kosnik, The Visus Group

  • Dan Sporka, CPA, UHY Advisors

  • Jerry Grady, CPA, UHY Advisors

Advancing Women Leaders in the Staffing Industry

On January 20th, Becker LLC proudly hosted the webinar: ”Advancing Women Leaders in the Staffing Industry” sponsored by fellow Industry Partner WorkN. Ericka Hyson, President at WorkN, led the spirited and extremely informative discussion of Women Industry leaders sharing their stories of rising through the ranks and offering their practical advice of continuing the advancement of women leaders in the Staffing Industry. The panelists for the session included:

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Webinar: Advancing Women Leaders in the Staffing Industry

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Correct classification of YOUR employees?
Per diem classification for traveling nurse, healthcare, and IT staffing firms

Correctly classifying workers as independent contractors is being scrutinized more today than at any time throughout our country’s history. While the prior administration looked to ease the burden of employers proving valid independent contractor relationships at the federal level, our current administration appears to be more in line with states that have followed the more stringent ABC Test (most prominently, California).


With the overwhelming high demand and minimal supply of these high-level professionals, the consultants carry much more leverage in deciding how they prefer to be classified (W-2 vs. independent contractor).

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Employee vs. Independent Contractor: Avoiding Costly Misclassifications


Correctly classifying employees vs. independent contractors (IC) is essential for determining the need for wage withholdings, taxation issues, employee benefits, workers compensation, and more. Sarah Davis and Chris Leddy join Julie Ann Bittner to discuss the three common classification tests used to determine IC classification status, exemptions, and practical concerns specific to the staffing industry. They also share steps staffing company owners can take to minimize risk including contractual provisions, documentation, and more.

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Updating EEO, ADA and Drug Testing Policies in the Wake of COVID 19 and Recent Marijuana Legislation

June 17, 2021 - Clearly articulated, written policies are an employee’s go to resource for guidance, clarification and answers to basic employment questions. With all the changes being felt by both employees and employers as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as recent legislation passed in numerous states allowing the recreational use of marijuana, updating your company policies has never been more critical.


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A Better Way to M&A: Strategies for Sourcing, Courting & Winning Deals


June 3, 2021 - Presented by: Martin L. Borosko, ESQ., Becker LLC, Brian Waller, Chief Strategy Officer, Vaco Talent & Solutions, Brad Chesin, Chief Executive Officer, Labor Source Holdings, Patrick Morin, Partner, Transact Capital Partners

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Law and Insurance Requirements Affecting the Healthcare Staffing Industry

June 2, 2021 - Moderator: Martin L. Borosko, Esq. Staffing Practice Leader /Panelists: Christopher M. Leddy, Esq.,Partner, Becker LLC and Tony D'Amicantonio, Vice President, Odell Studner

The world has changed professionally and personally for all of us in all aspects of our lives. Due to the pandemic, we have been challenged looking forward in how we live, work, and socialize. This is especially true for those individuals in the Healthcare Industry.

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A Look at Advanced Financing for the Trucking and Logistics Industry in 2021


Our team of industry veterans will take a deep dive into the numerous challenges that the Trucking and Logistics Industry is facing when looking at the various forms of funding that are available to companies today. They will discuss the various advanced financing options that owners and management should consider for 2021 and beyond to ensure financial security for their organization.   Read more

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Successful Strategies for Tackling Chall
Successful Strategies for Tackling the Challenges
Presented by COVID-19


Moderator:  Joseph G. Harraka, Esq. , Partner, Becker LLC

Panelist:  Lisa Yakomin, President, Bi-State Motor Carriers


Panelist:  Bethann Rooney, Deputy Director of the Port Department, Port Authority NY/NJ

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MSA Webinar PPP Rounds 1-2 and ERTC

Panelists:  Becker LLC – Martin Borosko, Esq.  Staffing Practice Leader &
Chris Leddy, Esq. / Citrin Cooperman – Barry (BJ) Hoffman, CPA and
Michael Zyborowicz, CPA & Staffing Practice Leaders

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TCI Business Capital invited industry ex
2021 Updates in Background Screening, Drug Testing, & COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

TCI Business Capital invites industry experts to address the topics that were discussed in this webinar:

  • Criminal History Reform: Trends and How to Reduce Risk with Background Screening

  • Legalization of Marijuana and the Impact on Drug Testing

  • COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing in the Workplace

Panelists: Christopher Leddy, Esq. Becker LLC, Alan Lasky, VP of Sales, Universal Background screening, and Judy Praska, Owner/ President Fastest Labs of Bloomington. 

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MSA Legal and Compliance Webinar Series 
MSA Legal and Compliance Webinar Series: Privacy and Leave Laws for Massachusetts

MSA Legal and Compliance Webinar Series: Privacy and Leave Laws for Massachusetts with Chris Leddy and Sarah Davis from Becker LLC - December 22, 2020

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Five Questions with Dave Phillips of Cit
Five Questions with Dave Phillips of Citizens M&A Advisory about the Staffing Industry M&A Market

December 15, 2020: Martin L. Borosko, ESQ., Staffing Practice Leader & Managing Member of Becker LLC, interviewed Dave Phillips, Managing Director of Citizens M&A Advisory, to discuss the current state of the Staffing Industry M&A marketplace.


To listen to the discussion between the two Industry Veterans,
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NJSA PPP discussion with Mike Bartels, M
The Home Stretch:  Ensuring that you maximize your PPP Forgiveness and successfully navigating the SBA Questionnaire

As the PPP Loan process heads into the home stretch, Staffing Companies who are PPP loan recipients, are diligently doing all that they can to maximize their forgiveness and preparing the SBA Questionnaire.   Our panel of Industry Veterans will have an open discussion on their thoughts and insight to the processes for both Forgiveness and how to work your way through the Questionnaire.


To listen to the recording:  NJSA PPP discussion with Mike Bartels, Martin Borosko and Michael Napolitano

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Becker LLC’s Staffing Team Leaders Discuss the PPP Forgiveness Questionnaire

Monday November 16, 2020:  Michael Bartels, Chief Development Officer of Becker LLC interviewed Marty Borosko, ESQ., Staffing Practice Leader & Managing Member at Becker LLC to discuss in detail the PPP Forgiveness Questionnaire that was released by the SBA. 

For more information in regard to the content, please feel free to contact Michael Bartels at:  mbartels@becker.legal

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MSA Webinar - PPP Forgiveness and Audits
The Home Stretch – Making sure that you maximize the forgiveness on your PPP loan

MSA Webinar - PPP Forgiveness and Audits with the PPP Loan process heading into the home stretch, it is very important that loan recipients do all that they can to maximize the forgiveness that the SBA is allowing.  The teams from Citrin Cooperman and Becker LLC will discuss this important topic, providing their insight on the process.

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WEBINAR SLIDES - Defining the Current Tr
Defining the Current Trends in Middle Market Staffing M&A

Our panel of four industry veterans will define what they are seeing as Current Trends in Middle Market M&A in the Staffing Industry.  The topics covered during our session will include:

  • Discussing current valuation in each market segment 

  • Defining the current buyers and sellers in the market 

  • Describing the market for financing and acquisition strategy 

  • Evaluating changes in trends in economic and other key deal terms 

  • Analyzing how to handle acquisitions from firms that received PPP loans  

  • Explaining how buyers should shift the focus of their financial diligence

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Defining the current trends in middle market staffing M&A
The New Realities of Remote Work: Formulating Effective “Telework” Policies

Moderator: Timothy J. Szuhaj, Esq., Panelists: Jason Leverant, David J. Sprong, Esq., Robert Thompson

The current pandemic has made remote working or telework the new normal. Many executives and entrepreneurs expect that the expanded use of a decentralized work model will remain in place, and perhaps even expand, in the future.   Accordingly, it is imperative that businesses create and implement formal remote work policies to manage and encourage the mutually beneficial use of this emerging workplace trend. 

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FREE WEBINAR Hosted by Ringo: COVID-19 Staffing Industry Challenges

COVID-19 is upending every aspect of the economy, and placing tremendous strain on the staffing industry—especially in healthcare.

To break down what this all means for you now and in the future, Ringo has assembled an all-star panel of legal and staffing industry experts to address key questions facing agencies in the healthcare space right now.
Key topics include:

•  Understanding Force Majeure and its impact
•  Increasing margins in the new environment
•  Agency survival strategies

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Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities (CARES) Act:
A Webinar Covering the Benefits of the Federal Stimulus Package

Our Panel of Staffing Industry Professionals will explain during our webinar how the CARES Act will benefit the Staffing Industry through:
•    CARES Act:  Provisions to Individuals and Businesses
•    The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
•    The Expanded U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loan program
•    Newly updated tax provision

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Undertstand and Navigating Covid 19 laws

Panelists:  David J. Sprong, Esq. and B.J. Hoffman, CPA

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on businesses of all sizes.  Our federal and state governments have reacted with sweeping new legislation and Executive Orders designed to bolster the economy in view of the extraordinary health emergency.
What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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Short and Long Term Impact 1.jpg
Short and Long Term Impact of COVID 19 on the Staffing Industry

​COVID 19 has already caused incredible disruption to the staffing industry. Our panel of industry leaders will help you sort fact from fiction in determining how long and how deep of a short and long term impact the pandemic will have on the industry. 

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Multistate Employer Considerations

Massachusetts Staffing Association Webinar Presented by The Becker Staffing Group 

In this webinar, Christopher M. Leddy, Esq. and Sarah L. Davis, Esq. covered the complex topics of “Multistate Employer Considerations”.

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Employee Handbook and Poster Presentatio
Employee Handbooks & Poster Requirements
Massachusetts Staffing Association Webinar Presented by Becker Staffing Group

Not only can Employee Handbooks serve as introduction to your company and its culture, Employee Handbooks can be your first and most formidable defense against a lawsuit.  In this seminar we will explore and discuss the most pertinent provisions to include in an Employee Handbook. 

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Predictive Scheduling & Fair Work Week Ordinances

How they will impact the Staffing Industry

Industry leading professionals from Becker LLC will discuss the recent enactment of predicative scheduling of fair work week laws and their potential impact on the staffing industry.    ​Read Article

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SCALABILITY: Scaling Your Business: How to Build a Management Team and Implement Business Processes Facilitating Growth
Navigating New Ban on Salary Disclosure.
Navigating the New Ban on Salary Disclosure - A Primer for Staffing Companies