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Our Core Values

We are lawyers and passionate entrepreneurs always striving to add value for our clients. We develop and maintain long-term relationships not only with our clients, but also for our clients.

At Becker LLC we instill and adhere to the following core values as colleagues and in our relationships with our clients:


  • An entrepreneurial spirit and approach to the practice of law.

  • A mutual respect for, and confidence in, one another.

  • Integrity and honesty in our dealings with each other, and a commitment to adhere to the highest ethical standards.

  • A “firm first” attitude and willingness to be selfless, while maintaining an appropriate work/life balance and respect for family and personal events.

  • A supportive and collaborative team atmosphere in a healthy work environment.

  • A commitment to professional development, mentoring, and training.

  • A continuing commitment to promote the representation of women and minorities at all levels of the Firm and to support the full and equal access to, and participation by, all individuals in the Firm regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other unique attribute.

  • Passion and enthusiasm to practice law and advance the interests of our clients.

  • A commitment to professional excellence and the highest quality work product.

  • Desire to become long term “partners” with our clients, networking with them to ensure mutually beneficial business relationships.

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