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Defining the Current Trends in Middle Market Staffing M&A

June 17, 2020: Our panel of four industry veterans will define what they are seeing as Current Trends in Middle Market M&A in the Staffing Industry. The topics covered during our session will include:

  • Discussing current valuation in each market segment

  • Defining the current buyers and sellers in the market

  • Describing the market for financing and acquisition strategy

  • Evaluating changes in trends in economic and other key deal terms

  • Analyzing how to handle acquisitions from firms that received PPP loans

  • Explaining how buyers should shift the focus of their financial diligence


  • Martin L. Borosko, Esq.,


  • Patrick Morin, Partner Transact Capital Partners

  • Paul Mehring, Co-President, Access Capital

  • Nicholas T. Florio, Founder, Strategic Staffing Consultants

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