Five Questions And Answers About Surviving the COVID-19 Crisis

Interview with Jaime Donnelly, Chief Financial Officer at Integrity Staffing Solutions

July 7, 2020: Martin L. Borosko, Esq., Staffing Practice Leader of Becker LLC, interviewed Jaime Donnelly, CFO from Integrity Staffing Solutions about how Integrity is forging forward during the COVID-19 crisis.

Martin: I know from speaking with you that Integrity’s internal employees’ productivity thrived in the remote work environment. What are some of the key reasons?

Jaime: Every team has measurable metrics that indicate the efficacy of a team’s performance and drive the overall key performance indicators of the business. Employees understand what they must accomplish every day, week, month, etc. and how those accomplishments affect the metrics for their team. Leaders monitor these target metrics as they ultimately drive the company KPIs. As we already have a committed culture around metrics and KPIs, we simply continued watching them as our teams transitioned to a remote work environment. Not only did we continue to meet the goals, in some instances, our teams exceeded expectations. It doesn’t matter where our employees perform the work if the work gets done well, and the metrics are met, or ideally, exceeded.

Martin: Integrity prides itself on staying “nimble,” so it can seize opportunities when they present themselves to the company. Can you give me an example of how Integrity has stayed nimble in this environment? Read more

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