A Better Way to M&A: Strategies for Sourcing, Courting & Winning Deals

June 4, 2021 Webinar: Presented by: Martin L. Borosko, ESQ., Becker LLC, Brian Waller, Chief Strategy Officer, Vaco Talent & Solutions, Brad Chesin, Chief Executive Officer, Labor Source Holdings, Patrick Morin, Partner, Transact Capital Partners

The post-COVID landscape for staffing acquisitions has become dramatically more competitive as strategics and private equity, loaded with dry powder, re-entered the market with vigor. All are hunting for prime targets that are limited in number. Add to that, a burgeoning technology market all signs point to a material consolidation of the Staffing Industry.

It’s not just about price, sharpen your firm’s M&A strategy, and you’ll win more deals. In a lively exchange ideas, our panelists will discuss sourcing strategies, internal and external team structures, systems/processes, and tactics they employ to deliver the quantity and quality leads required for a winning M&A program.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Deal sourcing methodologies

  • How to effectively use through intermediaries

  • Funding structures that improve bids

  • The “story” you need to tell sellers to make your firm more attractive


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