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Christopher M. Leddy, Esq.
Christopher M. Leddy, Esq.

Christopher Leddy is a Partner in the firm. Mr. Leddy has experience handling and litigating complex employment law issues, as well as negotiating employment-related contracts. This experience spans the vast landscapes of the employer/employee relationship, including state and federal discrimination laws, whistleblower laws, family and medical leave laws, state and federal wage/hour laws, paid family leave insurance laws, paid time off laws, unemployment, and Department of Labor audits. He also applies the knowledge gained from his litigation experience to counseling employers and training supervisors in HR best practices.

Panels and Presentations:


  • New Background Check Requirement  - March 20, 2024 Deadline:  February 5, 2024   Read More


  • Employee Protections for Cannabis Use: What Employers Need to Know!  December 19, 2023  Read More

  • Do Non-Competes Work Anymore? Strategies for Responding to States Limiting Enforceability:  April 25, 2022 - View Recording

  • CSP Vital Talks - Common Mistakes to Avoid with your Legal and Accounting for Staffing Companies:  November 12, 2021  Presented by: Martin L. Borosko, ESQ. & Christopher Leddy, ESQ., Becker LLC and  B.J. Hoffman & Michael Zyborowicz, Citrin Cooperman  View Recording

  • MSA Webinar Series - Common Mistakes to Avoid with your Legal and Accounting for Staffing Companies:  October 20,2021  Becker LLC & Citrin Cooperman   View Recording

  • Avoiding the Pitfalls: Common Compliance Mistakes IT Staffing Companies Often Make   Hosted by Tech Serve Alliance:  Tuesday, October 18, 2021  View Recording

  • Correct classification of YOUR employees? Per diem classification for traveling nurse, healthcare, and IT staffing firms:  September 23, 2021   View Recording

  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor: Avoiding Costly Misclassifications:  September 9, 2021  Part of the Tricom Podcast Series   View Recording

  • Law and Insurance Requirements Affecting the Healthcare Staffing Industry: June 2, 2021   View Recording

  • Who Is Your Employee? Independent Contractor Classification for IT Staffing Firms:  July 30, 2021 TechServe Alliance Webinar Series   View Recording

  • Law and Insurance Requirements Affecting the Healthcare Staffing Industry:  June 2, 2021  View Recording

  • A Look at Advanced Funding for the Trucking & Logistics Industry in 2021 and Forward:  April 27, 2021   View Recording 

  • 2021 updates in background screening, drug testing, & COVID-19 vaccination requirements:  Feb.12, 2021   View Recording

  • MSA Legal and Compliance Webinar Series:  Privacy and Leave Laws for Massachusetts:  December 22, 2020   View Recording

  • The Home Stretch - Making sure that you maximize the forgiveness on your PPP loan:  September 2020   View Recording

  • Returning to the Workplace under the "New Normal": How to Protect your Company, Employees and Customers Post COVID 19:  June 24, 2020   View Recording

  • CARES Act and FFCRA: A Webinar Covering the Benefits of the Federal Stimulus Package for the Transportation Industry:  April  22, 2020    View Recording

  • Becker LLC's Staffing Team Presents for MSA: “Multi-State Employer Considerations”:  July 10, 2019   View Recording

  • Employee Handbooks & Poster Requirements Presented to MSA Membership:  March 20, 2019   View Recording


  • Summary and Key Takeaways from Arredondo v. Elwood Staffing Services, Inc. Appeals Decision:  October 6, 2023    Read More

  • SUPREME COURT HALTS SHOT-OR-TEST MANDATE:  January 15, 2022    Read More

  • OSHA Confirms ETS Applies to Truck Drivers Should it Go Back into Effect:  January 13, 2022  Written by:  Christopher M. Leddy, Esq., Partner   Read More

  • OSHA COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATE:   December 3, 2021   Read More

  • California Vaccination Order for Health Care Workers:  August 11, 2021  Read More

  • Legal and Financial Risks for IT Staffing Firms to Misclassify Their Employees:  July 27, 2021  TechServe Alliance | IT & Engineering Staffing Resources -  Read More


  • Osha’s Abrupt Change To Recording Adverse Reactions To Covid-19 Vaccines:  May 21, 2021   Read More

  • How to Appeal PPP Non-Forgiveness for Staffing Firms:  May 19, 2021   Read More

  • Florida Passes Bill To Grant Covid-19 Liability Protection To Employers:  March 29, 2021   Read More

  • California’s Covid-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave:  March 29, 2021   Read More

  • Covid-19 Testing For The Trucking And Logistics Industry Under CDC Guidelines:  March 2, 2021  Read More

  • Conducting Covid-19 Testing For Staffing Firms Under CDC Guidelines:  February 24, 2021  Read More

  • Are Per Diem Incentive Payments Considered Wages For Healthcare Staffing Companies?:  February 17, 2021   Read More

  • House Passes Amendments To Payroll Protection Program:  June 5, 2020   Read More

  • IRS Issues New Guidance Regarding Deductibility Of Expenses Which Are Forgiven Under The Payroll Protection Program:  May 4, 2020   Read More

  • Small Business Exemption From Paid Leave Under The Families First Coronavirus Act:  April 3, 2020   Read More

  • Emergency Families First Coronavirus Response Act:  March 2020   Read More

  • California Passes AB5, Negatively Affecting how Staffing Firms do Business:   September 11, 2019   Read More

  • New Jersey Supreme Court Weighs in on the Validity of Leases in the Motor Carrier Industry:  May 1, 2019    Read More

  • New Jersey restrictions on Confidentiality Disclosure Provisions:  March 4, 2019   Read More

  • Is Your Company Ready to Disclose its Employer-Sponsored Health Offerings?:   December 27, 2018   Read More

  • New York Releases Draft Sexual Harassment Policy:  April 12, 2018   Read More

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Employment & Labor

Real Estate



Trucking and Logistics


Boston University, Taxation Program

LL.M. in Taxation

Widener University School of Law, J.D.

Rowan University, B.S., Accounting

Admitted to Practice:

New Jersey

New York

District of Columbia
U.S. District Court (D.N.J.)
Third Circuit Court of Appeals

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